Welcome to Vaisa Agro Bees Pvt Ltd

About Us

Vaisa Agro Bees Pvt Ltd was established in Chennai, the business capital of Tamilnadu, South India to improve quality assurance for consumers in 2018. We are one of the emerging exporter and Processor of fresh and tasty Cashew Nuts.

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Our Brand

Our Cashews are marketed under the Brand Name of Krivy.

100% Authentic, Fresh & Handpicked CASHEW NUTS

Vaisaagro Processors may be a company with a transparent set of values.
These embody its specialize in prime quality, well-maintained taste, a hard-won name within the business,
and a loyal and family-orientated personnel.

Our taste and customary Uses

Our most popular cashews are jumbo and large, therefore the most often asked question by our customers is, “What’s the difference?”.

Our answer is that the most obvious distinction is that the size. Cashews are sized by the amount that just about makes up a pound. which means that the smaller the amount, the larger the cashews. the foremost common cashew you may realize within the grocery may be a 320 (again this suggests that just about 320 cashews of this size compose a pound). These are smaller than our jumbo and colossal cashews.

Jumbo cashews (240 cashews per pound) tend to be hearty, nutty, crisp and delicious. they're sensible for a present and add a good selection for high-end mixes.

Colossal cashews (180 cashews per pound) are the most important cashew! They taste a lot of buttery, have a giant crunch, and are hearty. they're a really spectacular gift option because the website offers an attractive presentation.

Because of their natural soft and creamy texture, cashews are being employed a lot of often to create plant-based dairy farm alternatives, like cream or milk. they're additionally used as a dish topping and in cold cereal or trail bars.



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