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Modern UI Sounds changes the basic sound effects you hear so often throughout every playthrough - Including PIP boy & HUD Pop up SFX.

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Modern UI Sounds:

This mod changes most of the sounds you hear when interacting with menus and the pip boy (it also adds a fair few sounds for HUD popups like leveling up, quests, etc).

I used the same UI sounds for a long time, and wanted to switch it up to help keep the game fresh. Thought I would share in case anyone might enjoy them :)

I tried to keep things a bit on the loud side so the volume can be tweaked to your preference.

Recommended Music Mod:
I think the Lost World Soundtrack Replacer pairs really nicely with these sounds - I like to use it at 50% music volume: https://vaisaagro.com/badexonu/fallout4/mods/56265

I may update this a couple more times as I continue using it throughout my current playthrough - Or if there are any issues. But really I want to branch out to other SFX.

Thanks to Suleau you can now get this on xbox :)

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