Recipe for Tasty, crisp Cashews!

We choose and method the best quality of selected Raw cashew crackers out there throughout gather season. The Hand Picked Raw cashews are Sun Dried to cut back wet that helps in conserving and storing of Raw Cashew Nut for the whole year. Immature and Oily crackers are separated throughout the sun drying method that ensures storage of solely Quality Raw Cashew crackers.

The Process

raw nut


The method involves steaming of raw cashew crackers (which were antecedently dried and keep during a warehouse) during cookware. The change of state time depends upon the condition of raw nut. once steaming, the crackers are air-cured by putting them into the overhead silos. this allows the shell to harden therefore creating it match enough for cutting within the automatic cutting machine.



The hardened Cashew crackers once cooling are cut within the Automatic cutting machines into 2 halves the blades of the machine are adjusted in such a way that they don’t cut the kernels within, once cutting the kernels would be still adhering on to 1 half the broken shell these are once more removed by the machine and taken out.


Heat / Borma Treatment

The scooped kernels can have the seed coat adhering to them, thus to get rid of the husk on the kernels they’re heated in borma wherever uniform heat is equipped by forced hot air circulation. this technique preserves the initial color of the Cashew Kernel and makes the method of removing husk easier.



The Cashew kernels once borma are conditioned and prepared for peeling. losing the seed coat is finished in Automatic peeling machine. The kernels are separated into wholes, broken and rejections at this stage.



The stark naked kernels into white wholes, scorched wholes, white items and scorched items by the color sorter machine. The kernels, therefore, received are any hierarchic on the idea of form, size, and color. International specification and normal for grading are followed. the color grade chart formally issued by the Cashew Export Promotion Council of Asian nation is a guide for color grading.



Redrying of Cashew Kernels is finished to keep up the wet level and thus it ensures that solely crisp & Tasty crackers are able to serve our quality acutely aware customers.



The cashew kernels once Infrared heating are packed in multilayer versatile pouches; gas flushed and sealed.



The stuffed pouches are wrapped with an automatic wrapping machine. One Carton can have two * twenty-five lbs Flexi Pouches or one * fifty lbs Flexi Pouches in one master carton.



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