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Preakness-winning trainer charged in domestic violence case

Assistant District Attorney Kayla Potter told the judge that Brown pushed the woman down the stairs, pinned her to the floor and tried to choke her before throwing her out...

Husband sentenced to 65 years in Fitbit murder case

Husband sentenced to 65 years in prison for 2015 Fitbit murder case of his wife.

Embattled NYC homeless services chief Gary Jenkins denies coverup claims by former aide

Jenkins said his former top press aide had “documented instances” where she was “unprofessional with her peers, with her subordinates and with senior management,” on CBS2.

Jerry Nadler up big on Carolyn Maloney, Suraj Patel in last days of NY-12 primary: poll

Rep. Jerry Nadler has nearly double the support of rival Rep. Carolyn Maloney in the Democratic primary to represent a newly-drawn Congressional District 12, according to a poll.

Blunt warning: Adams scolds illegal cannabis sellers after NYC tows 19 weed trucks

"Many people don't read the complete law. All they read is, 'Weed is legal,' and they just kick into gear," Adams said.

Sex fiend who nearly killed NYC man with sucker punch freed without bail

“I hit someone and he's in the hospital. I don't know if he's dead. The police are looking for me,” he told the officer, according to the complaint. 

Death of a 'salesman' in New York after Gov. Kathy Hochul signs 'salespeople' law

Gov. Kathy Hochul has signed legislation replacing "salesman" with "salesperson" in light of the fact that more diverse commission-crazed closers began replacing Willy Loman types years ago.

Daily News union rips owner over work conditions, staff 'quitting in droves'

Alden Capital, the hedge fund that owns the Daily News, has enacted buyouts, cuts and outsourced its printing plant, since taking over last year.

Attorney-at-brawl! NYC lawyer beats up attacker during fight outside office

"That a--hole picked the wrong guy to mess with! Ding, ding, ding, Round 1 goes to Jay!"

Dine & bash: Eric Adams takes sledgehammer to dirty dining sheds as NYC vows crackdown

"The blight and disorder that we're witnessing at some of our sites is unacceptable," the mayor said, announcing that 24 other sheds outside since-closed restaurants had recently been demolished.