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GOP wants answers on IRS' $700K ammo stockpile as Dems OK $80B for agency enforcement

Congressional Republicans want to know what the Internal Revenue Service intends to do with $700,000 worth of ammunition it added to its stockpile.

'Right down the hatch': Canadian official swallows bee during live news conference

That's one way to get a politician to stop talking.

Pa. Dem sidelined by stroke returns to Senate campaign trail to battle Dr. Oz

“Do you think Dr. Oz can fill a room like this?” Fetterman asked the crowd.

Car plows into Pennsylvania crowd raising money for victims of fire that killed 7

A car plowed into a crowd of people in Berwick Saturday at a benefit for victims of the massive fatal fire in Nescopeck that killed seven, including three children, last...

House Dems ask for intelligence review of Trump's handling of raided docs

US intelligence should assess the national security damage caused by Donald Trump storing classified documents at his Florida resort, dems said.

Charles Manson reportedly sent Sharon Tate's little sister a coded message before he died in prison

Debra Tate, Sharon Tate's little sister, says she got a coded drawing and odd letter from Charles Manson a few years before his death.

FBI report confirms Alec Baldwin pulled the trigger in fatal 'Rust' set shooting

According to an FBI forensic report obtained by ABC News, the gun delivering the fatal bullet in the Oct. 21 shooting on the New Mexico set “could not be made...

Migrants on Texas-to-NYC bus threaten to call cops when driver refuses to stop in Tennessee

About 40 immigrants, a majority of the passengers on the NYC-bound bus, were supposed to get off in Chattanooga, they said.

Arctic warming 4 times faster than the rest of the world, study shows

Scientists have known the Arctic is warming faster than climate models show, but a new study just put into context how much worse the problem is. 

Idaho Supreme Court allows strict, near-total abortion ban to take effect

A near-total abortion ban can take effect in Idaho, the state Supreme Court has ruled.