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A Coast Guard rescue swimmer was publicly thanked by President Joe Biden for his Hurricane Ian heroics, days before he due to be fired over the military's Covid-19 vaccine policy. In a press release, Biden expressed his gratitude to Aviation Survival Technician Second Class Zach Loesch: 'I told him how proud of him I was and thanked him for all the work he and his Coasties are doing to save lives,' the statement read. As of September 2022, there are 2,632 unvaccinated members of the US Coast Guard. The military branch with the most unvaccinated members if the US Marine Corps with 8,913, followed by the Air Force with 3,955, then the Navy, 2,623, the branch with the fewest unvaccinated members if the US Army with 1,337.

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Caught hook, line and sinker! Moment LEAD WEIGHTS are found in professional fishing duo's catch and they are stripped of tournament title and $5,000 prize - as furious crowd berates them

Chase Cominsky and Jake Runyon were stripped of their winning title after a tournament official discovered lead weights inside the fish they caught. The anglers had been competing in the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship in Ohio. Suspicions were raised at the weigh-in when their fish weighed almost double their closest competitor. In the world of competitive fishing, by adding the weights to the fish, Cominsky and Runyon's total poundage increased and put them on top of the leaderboard. When the weights were discovered, the duo was disqualified from the event. The waiting crowd were furious once the officials announced they had cheated. Prior to the scandal, Cominsky and Runyon were winning the season standings for the professional fishing team of the year. Cominsky and Runyon have been embroiled in controversy in the past. At last year's Fall Brawl fishing tournament, the duo was disqualified following their win after one of them failed a polygraph test.

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President Biden together with and the first lady will travel to Puerto Rico on Monday to survey the damage from Hurricane Fiona. On Wednesday, the couple will visit Florida, where Hurricane Ian hit.

Democrat Stacey Abrams filed a wide-ranging federal lawsuit alleging 'gross mismanagement' of Georgia's elections. The lawsuit was thrown out by a judge on Friday.

There is said to be deep concern that the book will contain damaging revelations despite suggestions that he is seeking to tone it down.


Donald Trump capitalized on recent White House gaffes during his Michigan rally where he slammed Kamala Harris for 'one of the worst' mistakes yet after she mixed up North and South Korea. In the lengthy remarks, the former president also thanked Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' wife Ginni Thomas for standing true to her belief that the 2020 presidential election was stolen after voluntarily speaking with the January 6 select committee. 'She didn't wilt under pressure like so many others,' Trump said of Thomas. 'She said what she thought, she said what she believed. Too many Republicans are weak and they are afraid.'

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The swap included executives of Citgo Petroleum held for years, in addition to US Marine veteran Matthew Heath and another US citizen named Osman Khan

DR ELLIE CANNON: Today's reader is asking if there any natural remedies they can take to help with their dreadful insomnia where they keep waking up, despite being a healthy and fit 52-year-old man.

Can't catch me out! Trump grabs hat and pen as he leaves Michigan rally... after Biden recently struggled to find his way off stage at events 

Trump, 76, heading off the stage to the Sam & Dave classic 'Hold On, I'm Coming,' is tossed both the pen and hat from a female fan wearing teal in the crowd. The 45th president catches both before waving at the fan and then autographing the hate, one of his famous 'Make America Great Again' caps. The former commander in chief then tosses back both pen and hat to the fan, who fails to catch them herself.

Doctors could one day spot aggressive forms of cancer using a test that looks for mould spores in the blood. A group of international experts have found that fungi live inside cancer cells.

HEALTH NOTES: Researchers from Michigan State University found the 'love hormone', released during physical intimacy such as cuddling can stimulate growth of new, healthy heart cells.


The average US homeowner saw their monthly mortgage payment rise by 15 percent or $337, according to a shocking new report from Redfin. The report goes on to say that the rising mortgage rates of around seven percent are the highest since July 2007 shortly before crash that triggered the great recession. This is causing potential homebuyers to get cold feet and decide not to buy in the current market. In addition, homes are remaining on the market for longer which is resulting in owners dropping prices at the highest level since 2015. Not since January have pending sales been at the current low level while the amount of homes selling for below market rates is at its highest level since 2020. Redfin's Jason Aleem is quoted in the report as saying: 'It's imperative for home sellers to react quickly and aggressively as the market turns.'

A woke NYC councilwoman who backs defunding the police has been blasted by one of her constituents who suffered a horrific subway attack after the lawmaker insisted such assaults were rare.

Brown, 34, tweeted out after newly-released footage of Brown's trip at the Armani Hotel Dubai on May 14 showed the troubled ex-player shoving his bare butt in a stunned woman's face.

'Oh, good. Trump sketch. Way to mix it up': Saturday Night Live pokes fun at itself and cast member exodus in 48th season opener skit set at Mar-a-Lago 

Saturday Night Live began its 48th season with a meta skit poking fun at itself. Top Gun: Maverick star Miles Teller pretended to be former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning as he commented on the skit that was unfolding before him. Three-time SNL host John Hamm joined also appeared to provide joke 'analysis'. The long-running late-night sketch show experienced one of its largest recent cast turnovers this year with eight cast members departing and only four joining. Top right, departing cast members, Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson. Bottom right, Kyle Mooney and , Aidy Bryant.

If your partner's smile never reaches their eyes and they always need to take centre stage then you are probably dating a narcissist, experts warn.

The announcement came after Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was taken to hospital with a concussion in Thursday's NFL game against the Bengals despite brutal hit against the Bills.

Buckingham Palace released a new portrait (left) of the King last night to mark the start of his reign, after the Royal Family's period of mourning for the Queen ended. In a clear sign that the sovereignty of King Charles will be both less formal and more closely centred on the four most senior members of the family, the new monarch is seen looking relaxed with his hand in his pocket and his arm around his wife Camilla, the Queen Consort. Beside them are William and Kate, who also look assured but unstuffy as they contemplate their new roles as the Prince and Princess of Wales. The picture, which was described by an insider as a combination of 'formal and informal', was taken before a reception for foreign dignitaries on the eve of the Queen's State Funeral (inset). Not so long ago, it was Princes William and Harry together with their wives who had been dubbed the 'Fab Four' - carrying great hopes for the future of the Royal Family (right). This, however, is an image of an alternative 'Fab Four' as the King, the Queen Consort, and the Prince and Princess of Wales stand together at the top of the Ministers Stairs before a painting of King George III at Buckingham Palace. 

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King Charles III gave an accolade to the 18th Duke of Norfolk, the most senior peer in Britain, just 10 days after inheriting the throne from his mother.

BARNEY CALMAN: What does it mean to die of old age? It's a familiar phrase, and yet, when it emerged that it was the cause of death on the Queen's death certificate, many expressed surprise.

During a royal tour of Fiji, Meghan wore an eye-catching pair of diamond earrings (pictured) at a state dinner. Kensington Palace said they were loaned, but refused to say from whom. Even by Palace standards, this struck reporters covering the tour as unnecessarily unhelpful. The reason for this reticence would not become apparent until more than two years later, when I revealed that the chandelier earrings had been a wedding gift from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman (inset). At the time of the wedding, there was nothing controversial about the gift. However, on October 2, 2018, the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a leading dissident, was lured to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, where he was murdered and dismembered before his body was disposed of. In the run-up to the Sussexes' tour, the murder was a major international news story.


SHOPPING: Available in a broad range of sizes, these '80s-inspired yoga leggings feature fun leg warmer accents, and they cost just $50.40.

SHOPPING: Most creams either target the whole face or the under eye area, but this revolutionary product targets lip lines and forehead lines with impressive results, according to real users.

'Give me a break': Biden compares $400BN student debt handout to pandemic paycheck protection scheme - and tells Republicans and his own party to stop moaning about it 

President Joe Biden compared his scheme to forgive millions in student debt to the vital paycheck protection relief scheme that was rolled out at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. The president made his remarks in front of 3,000 guests at the Phoenix Awards dinner hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation in Washington DC on Saturday.

An incarcerated substitute teacher in St. Louis who was accused of raping his 14-year-old student was found dead in his cell under mysterious circumstances on Monday, according to officials.

Horrifying moment helicopter crash lands in front yard of California home - as pilot and passenger both miraculously survive

The crash took place in Fresno at around 9:54 a.m. local time on Garrett Avenue, near Jensen and Willow Avenue in the southeast part of the city. The video, seen from a Ring camera, shows the chopped spiraling out of the sky and crashing into a palm tree as a car drives precariously away. People eventually start to gather around the pilot and the passenger as they both make their way out of the chopper, a Bell 206B.

A high school in Nevada is being sued by current and former members of an anti-abortion club at the school who claim administrators censored their message treated them unfairly.

Last night it seemed the 18-day search for Paris Hilton's pooch has ended in tragedy - with experts now believing it was snatched by a hungry coyote.

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Portland mayor Ted Wheeler LAUGHS at woman who confronts him over homelessness crisis - after she moved to the city for its progressive policies: 'I'm so sick of having politicians pander to a woke agenda that's been an epic failure'

At a virtual city council meeting on Wednesday, Gillian Rose slammed Portland's handling of its homeless population, saying the squalid encampments that are pervasive around the city make life miserable for residents. 'You have to stop enabling this,' said a visibly emotional Rose. 'I'm angry and I'm sad and I'm fed up, and I'm so sick of having politicians pander to a woke agenda that's been nothing short of an epic failure.' Mayor Ted Wheeler, a Democrat, chuckled audibly as he responded, saying, 'thank you, you've made your point emphatically clear. Thank you for being here and sharing your perspective, we do appreciate it.'

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Rebecca Graham is in her early 40s and has had no sensation in her genitals for eight years since she came off the SSRI drug sertraline, which had been prescribed for symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.


Hurricane Ian death toll jumps to SEVENTY-SEVEN as epicenter county is blasted for issuing evacuation order a day later than neighboring counties 

Confirmed death toll from Hurricane Ian rose to 77, and in Lee County (right), home to Fort Myers and epicenter of the hurricane's devastation on Florida's Gulf Coast, there were 35 deaths after county officials waited a day longer than other nearby areas to issue evacuation orders. Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno (left) confirmed the latest casualty report on Saturday, saying that search and rescue operations are still taking place throughout the county and the rest of the Sunshine state following Ian's devastation. 'Today, we've had over 600 to 700 rescues of people that are in need,' Marceno said. 'During this difficult time, we're at about 35 deaths, unfortunately. It's with a heavy heart that I say that number.'

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Stewart Rhodes, leader and founder of the Oath Keepers, claims he cannot be convicted for taking part in the deadly January 6 riot because he was waiting on Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act.

Kanye West, 45, hid his face as he attempted to keep a low profile while stepping out for a Balenciaga fitting during Paris Fashion Week on Saturday.

Is THIS the moment glamorous poker player 'used hidden vibrating device' to win $269K pot at Las Vegas tournament? Eagle-eyed viewer spots 'suspicious' moment she put hand under table and played with her ring

Robbi Jade Lew, a glamorous newcomer to the sport, stunned the poker world on Thursday at the Hustler Casino Live game, going all-in with a Jack high to win the $269,000 pot. Her stunned rival Garrett Adelstein, a top player in livestreamed no-limit hold 'em, openly accused her of cheating by using a 'device hidden that simply vibrates to indicate you have the best hand.' Now, eagle-eyed fans believe they may have spotted a key clue in the emerging scandal in the moments after Lew revealed her winning cards, when she appeared to remove a large ring from her hand.

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Democratic Texas Mayor Yolanda Ramon said migrants are not being lied to when they're bussed to sanctuary cities, and indicated many are grateful for the free transportation.

'Real Time' host Bill Maher said that Democrats needed to drop Vice President Kamala Harris from their ticket, not Joe Biden, if they want to succeed in 2024 against Republicans.

Rumors swirling around the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (inset) claim the royal couple have outgrown their Montecito mansion (right) and are eyeing properties in the nearby Hope Ranch community (left), where luxury homes fetch for as high as $22million. While Montecito is home to multiple celebrities, Hope Ranch's affluent private neighborhood would serve as a quieter community for the royals and their two children. The small but affluent community boasts a members-only country club, golf club, tennis courts, picnic grounds and a network of equestrian trails. Speculation about Harry and Meghan's desire to move comes after police installed license plate scanning cameras near their mansion amid an uptick in crime in the neighborhood.


The Duke and Duchess's ventures will now be handled 'in-house' at their charitable foundation Archewell, with Christine Weil Schirmer, 42, from Long Island, at the helm


The Scottish home, where the Queen spent her final days before her death on September 8, could be used for exhibitions with a permanent space to honour the late monarch's legacy.

Prince Joachim of Denmark has spoken out about Queen Margrethe's recent decision to strip his four children of their royal titles and it was revealed that his daughter is being bullied at school. The prince said that the relationships within the family are currently 'complicated', as Prince Nikolai, 23, Prince Felix, 20, Prince Henrik, 13, and Princess Athena, 10, will become Counts and Countesses, and will be known as Their Excellencies, rather than His or Her Royal Highness as of January 1. While Princess Marie said that Athena is being bullied at school after the decision was publicly announced earlier this week.


Cressida Bonas looked cosy as she donned a chic green coat over her growing baby bump while walking her dachshund Budgie Bear in London this week.


A 34-year-old heroin addict murdered his mother, 70, and set her remains on fire inside of the $900,000 home they shared in affluent Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the local prosecutor's office said. Adam Howe was arrested on Friday night after the Cape Cod SWAT team raided the house. Authorities were called to the house in the town of Truro by family friends who were seeking a welfare check on Howe's mother, Susan. At the same time that the welfare check was called, the local fire department were also called to the scene after receiving a report of a fire. Assistant District Attorney Tara Miltimore told the Cape Cod Times: 'A family member had called and asked to check on the residence.' The press release said that when officers arrived at the scene, they quickly realized that the fire was a the result of a dead body burning. Adam Howe had been standing near the blaze but ran inside when the cops arrived. He was arrested shortly afterwards. Officers were able to ascertain that the person burning was Howe's mother.

The model, 27, arrived at the £1,300-a-night Hotel Le Royal Monceau at 10pm before Leo, 47, was spotted leaving in the early hours.

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Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said that Russia should consider using low-yield nuclear weapons after Vladimir Putin came under stinging criticism from his own side after Russia was forced to withdraw troops from a key Ukrainian city. Ukrainian forces encircled the strategic eastern city of Lyman on Saturday in a counteroffensive that has humiliated the Kremlin, while Russian bombardments intensified after Moscow illegally annexed a swath of Ukrainian territory in a sharp escalation of the war. Russia's own Tass and RIA news agencies announced that troops have fled Lyman, citing the Russian defence ministry.

At least 24 civilians, including 13 children and a pregnant woman, were gunned down during a Russian attack on a road convoy, Ukraine claimed.

Vladimir Putin is set to make hundreds of millions of pounds from a luxury development of 255 flats in Kensington, the Mail on Sunday can reveal. It bought the site for £8 million in 2006.

An eight-year-old California boy was  severely mauled by a vicious labrador at an unlicensed home daycare leaving the youngster with gruesome injuries to his face and body.

The former Amazon CEO, 58, and his girlfriend-of-three-years, 52, seemed in good spirits as enjoyed Miami. The couple were seen heading out on the town to dine at a local Cuban restaurant with friends and family. Sanchez left little to imagination during the outing, as she donned flowing coral colored dress which came to just above her knees, showcasing her long legs. On Saturday, the couple were seen heading to Sanchez's father's house located in the exclusive neighborhood of Coral Gables. Their trip away came just days after news broke that hit the web that Bezo's ex wife, MacKenzie Scott Scott, 52, was splitting from her second husband, science teacher Dan Jewett, 47, after one year of marriage. Bezos and Scott were married for 25 years and welcomed four kids together before splitting in 2019 amid his affair with Sanchez. She then tied the knot with Jewett in 2021 - but they have now gone their separate ways.


Members from a Vermont girls high school volleyball team have been banned from using their own locker room after they complained about a transgender teammate.

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Edward Enninful (left) is driving the most radical and controversial changes in the magazine's 130-year-old history: an audacious bid to make Vogue more diverse and even 'genderless' - a departure from its traditional female base. The latest decision to raise stylishly bushy eyebrows was the inclusion of Oscar-nominated actor Timothée Chalamet on the latest cover (inset), making him British Vogue's first male cover star. Enninful is said to be 'keen' to land Ncuti Gatwa, the first black Doctor in Doctor Who and star of Netflix's Sex Education, as his next cover star.

In a post on his Truth Social on Friday, Trump called the investigation into his handling of government records a 'hoax' and a 'scam' motivated by the desire to 'hurt a political opponent.'

Front Office Sports have reported that ticket sales on StubHub this week have shot up 60% as fans try to secure their spot in the stadium, with some seats selling for an eyewatering $4,000.

Urooj Rahman, 33, along with Colinford Mattis, 35, pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges punishable by no more than five years imprisonment in June over the destruction. Federal prosecutors agreed to recommend a prison sentence of 18 to 24 months in return for the plea. Rahman is now pushing to have that sentence converted into time served after spending 28 days in a federal jail in Brooklyn before posting $250,000 in bail.

A young woman was arrested by Iranian authorities after being pictured eating breakfast in a restaurant without a headscarf.

Thousands of festivalgoers headed to the Mojave Desert this week for Wasteland Weekend, a post-apocalyptic festival inspired by the Mad Max movies with themed props, sets and costumes. The festival holds a variety of wacky events including 'fight to the death under Thunderdome,' burlesque shows and drinking games, but anyone who attends must wear a costume, including staff, journalists and volunteers. The Edwards, California carnival was created in 2010 and received media attention for its homage to the Mad Max franchise, and even received a video greeting from director George Miller, along with a sneak peek of pre-production. The revelers are encouraged to split into 'tribes' that compete against each other in wasteland-themed games including Jugger, a 'post-apocalyptic version of armed football/rugby, based on a cult 80s movie.'

Coolio fans, anxious to have a memento, crashed a portion of the late rapper's website shortly after the Gangsta's Paradise artist's death was announced on Wednesday.

Hocus Pocus 2 has given fans all the magical feels. The long-awaited sequel to the 1993 cult classic was released Friday on Disney+ and the folks who tuned in are giving it a major two thumbs up.

Asia Argento, 47, was seen walking up to a pool in Rome in a peach-colored one piece hand-in-hand with her new squeeze, Michele Martignoni, 26, a Roman MMA fighter (left). The couple was pictured sharing smooches throughout the entire outing (right and top inset). It served as a moment of respite for Argento, who is facing scrutiny over allegations made about her relationship with the late Anothony Bourdain (bottom inset) in the days leading up to his 2018 suicide.

The 27-year-old's outing outing comes after Leo, 47, was spotted leaving the luxurious Hotel Le Royal Monceau in the early hours of Saturday morning - amid claims they are dating.



Up to 127 Indonesian football fans are feared dead after riot broke out at top division soccer clash as armed police deployed tear gas 

Hundred of people are feared dead after a riot broke out at the end of a football match in Indonesia. Horrific scenes marred the full-time whistle as Arema FC lost at home 3-2 to local rivals Persebaya Surabaya on the main island of Java, a result which saw dozens of Artema fans invade the pitch. Amid the on-field violence, baton-wielding riot police immediately took to the field, firing tear gas at the crowds and into the stands as the fans retreated. Harrowing video shows fans scaling fences as they try to escape the smoke - which did not dissipate - with some falling to the ground, losing consciousness and being trampled under a stampede. Reports suggest that some of the fans were cornered by the tear gas and suffered from inhalation and shortage of oxygen. The death toll stands at 127 and a further 180 have been reported injured as a result of the pitch invasion and the actions that followed. Further disturbing footage appears to show rows of bodies turned blue in the hallways of a nearby hospital.

Mr Edwards believes that Brady meticulously planned where to bury his victims because he wanted to create the shape of a swastika.

He hit a purple patch! Vacationer finds rare LAVENDER pearl worth $4,000 while enjoying bowl of clams at upmarket Delaware beach resort

A Pennsylvania man vacationing with his family at a Delaware beach resort was  ecstatic when he stumbled upon a rare purple pearl lodged inside one of the clams he was eating that's worth a staggering $4,000. The unidentified vacationer dining at the restaurant Salt Air in Rehoboth, Del., was close to finishing his meal when he stumbled upon the precious pearl. While he was chewing, he said he 'felt something hard and crunchy,' Fox5 News reported. At first, he said he thought it was ' a bead, or a piece of candy,' even noting 'one of those button candies that comes on the paper,' because of its ' bright, lavender, almost purple, color.' He said when he looked closer at the shell, he saw 'it had a little indentation where something was growing.' And, explained when he placed the pearl into the indentation 'it was a perfect fit!'

Historian Lucy Worsley (right) believes celebrated crime writer Agatha Christie (left) may have been suffering a rare psychological condition when she mysteriously disappeared from her Berkshire home in 1926. Christie, then aged 36, may have entered a 'fugue state', in which she would have suffered a loss of her own sense of self, amnesia and the desire to embark on sudden and unplanned travel away from home. The condition could have been triggered by two traumatic events: the death of her mother and her husband Colonel Archie Christie, announcing that he wanted a divorce because he was in love with a younger woman, Nancy Neele.

Cathy Richardson, 35, from Essex, made 10 false rape claims against two men between January and May last year, leading to 60 police investigations. She has been given more than five years in prison.

Armed forces Admiral Sir Tony Radakin said Putin had the ability to afflict the West from space as the 'despicable, horrible war' in Ukraine continues.

Horrifying moment NASCAR star Jordan Anderson is hurled from WINDOW of his car as it hits wall in flames: Driver is airlifted to hospital in Alabama with 'major burns'

The fiery crash occurred with Anderson running fourth in the race, before he was sent spinning around the circuit as flames began to engulf his vehicle. Losing control of the car, Anderson appears to make the decision to try and exit through the window, and only just manages to get out before he is crushed against the tire wall. The jolt of the car hitting the wall fires the American driver out of the window, where he lands on top of the tires before standing up and then falling behind his car.