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A rare giant squid was discovered dead on a beach in Cape Town, South Africa, months after another washed up six miles away. Twitter user Tim Dee, who found the strange-looking sea creature on Scarborough Beach on Tuesday, shared photos and videos online that show the colorful squid's gigantic eye. 'Giant squid species wrecked on Scarborough beach this morning,' he wrote. 'What's it to ya, Moby Dick?'

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NEW Artificial intelligence has produced creepy images of what it thinks humans will look like in the metaverse. Craiyon AI, a popular text-to-image system, created several different pictures of what people might look like if humans all join the metaverse. Each has an augmented reality headset merged with their face. A number of tech companies, including Mark Zuckerberg's Meta, are pouring billions of dollars to create virtual worlds where people will be able to shop, work and be entertained. The images come after a different AI that works in the same way produced bizarre pictures of the 'last selfie ever taken' that showed apocalyptic scenes of people in front of nuclear blasts, with rotting flesh and total devastation behind them.

NEW People in the UK and US are among those affected, as well as those in several European countries, including Spain and Italy.


Chemists at UCLA and Northwestern University have discovered a new way of breaking down a class of PFAS, or 'forever chemicals'. It is low-cost and does not produce harmful byproducts.

Spanish Stonehenge, which is 2,000 years older than England's, has re-appeared from the depths of a reservoir due to an intense drought draining the waterbody to just 28% capacity.

NEW US astronaut Bob Hines, who snapped the amazing images, tweeted: 'SPECTACULAR aurora today!!! Thankful for the recent solar activity resulting in these wonderful sights!'

Tonga underwater volcanic eruption released more energy than the Tsar Bomba - the most powerful nuclear bomb ever detonated, study finds 

Researchers from the University of Sheffield harvested data from weather stations and social media worldwide and compared it against historical data. They determined that the eruption was equivalent to around 61 Mt of TNT, whereas the Tsar Bomba released between 50-58 Mt.

Scientists from Rockefeller University have discovered that neurons which transmit scent information to the brains of mosquitoes are activated by more than one human body odour chemical.

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The Artemis Real-time Orbit Website will allow space fans to 'pinpoint where Orion is and track its distance from the Earth, distance from the moon, mission duration, and more.'

The song crashes certain laptops because it includes a frequency that is similar to the natural one given off by older hard drives. Microsoft says Rhythm Nation is listed as a security vulnerability.

Images of lounging elephants, treefrog embryos and a parasitic fungus erupting from the body of a fly have all won prizes at an ecology photo competition. The doomed fly was captured by evolutionary biologist Roberto García-Roa in the Tambopata National Reserve, Peru, and won the top prize at the BMC Ecology and Evolution Image Competition. The contest aims to showcase the wonder of the natural world and emphasise the growing need to protect it from human activity. Mr García-Roa, from the University of Valencia, Spain, said: 'The image depicts a conquest that has been shaped by thousands of years of evolution. The spores of the so-called 'zombie' fungus have infiltrated the exoskeleton and mind of the fly and compelled it to migrate to a location that is more favourable for the fungus's growth. The fruiting bodies have then erupted from the fly's body and will be jettisoned in order to infect more victims.' Individual winners and runners-up were also announced in four categories; Relationships in Nature, Biodiversity Under Threat, Life Close Up and Research in Action.

The software flaws could potentially allow attackers to take complete control of these devices, Apple said in two security reports.

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Here MailOnline answers all the key questions and tells you what you need to do to protect yourself following the Californian company's announcement.

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The study by University of Cambridge researchers, is the first to compare parasite prevalence in people from the same medieval community who were living different lifestyles.

Pod-cast next? Scientists strap GoPros on mine-hunting US Navy dolphins as they munch their way through hundreds of sea snakes and fish 

A team of researchers attached cameras to U.S. Navy dolphins and captured rarely-seen footage of the sea creatures chasing fish, devouring sea snakes and even giving 'side eye' looks. GoPro cameras were attached with harnesses to six bottlenose dolphins over a six-month period to record audio and video - capturing them catching over 200 fishes and sea snakes as they roamed through a seawater pool and in San Diego Bay off the coast of California. The dolphins, which are trained to identify undersea mines, defend against enemy swimmers and protect a portion of the country's nuclear stockpile, are being studied because researchers want to learn more about their communication methods when they're hunting.

Code noticed in Netflix's iPhone app by a Charlotte, North Carolina-based developer suggests Netflix's ad tier will block the ability to download content.

A study from the University of Southern Denmark has found that if we cycled just 1.6 miles a day - the average for the Dutch - we could reduce global carbon emissions by 686 million tonnes each year.

Marina Smith MBE, who passed away in June at the age of 87, was able to appear as a hologram at a service shortly after her cremation in Babworth, Nottingham.

The atlas moth's wingspan clocked in at a whopping 10 inches, making it nearly one-inch larger than the previous record holder. This insect is native to the tropics, but somehow found its way to the US.

An astrophotographer has taken his clearest ever picture of Saturn while it made its closest approach to Earth this year. Our planet moved almost directly between Saturn and the sun on Sunday, in an annual celestial event known as 'opposition'. This is the moment when the Gas Giant is closest to us and is in its full phase, so can make for a great view even with the naked eye. Andrew McCarthy dodged the monsoon weather of Arizona in search of clearer skies to catch a glimpse of the ringed planet above Los Angeles, US, on Sunday. From the roof of a parking garage, he used two cameras to take more than 100,000 images of Saturn, before layering them together in this never-before-seen shot. The result is out of this world as the iconic rings illuminate the planet against the dark sky, with some of the many moons of Saturn appearing like stars around it.


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When the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano erupted off the shore of Tonga in the South Pacific Ocean in January (inset and right), the blast was so huge that tsunamis hit the shores of Japan, North America and South America. But an analysis of ice cores in Greenland and Antarctica found that a magnitude 7 volcanic eruption - which could be 10 to 100 times bigger than the one recorded in January - is a distinct possibility for this century. Eruptions of this size in the past have caused abrupt climate change and the collapse of civilisations. Yet one of the UK's leading volcanologists today warned that the world is 'woefully' unprepared for such an event (left: Tungurahua Volcano, Ecuador)

The impact site off the coast of Guinea in west Africa is not as big as the Chicxulub one in Mexico, which wiped out the dinosaurs, but it is of a very similar age.

Computer scientists from Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Qatar, found that 16 per cent of Reddit users publish posts and 13 per cent publish comments that are considered 'toxic'.

Scientists say particles from Ryugu, which were collected by a Japanese spacecraft in 2018 and 2019, are made of silicon carbide - a chemical compound that doesn't naturally occur on Earth.

The Overture is still under development, but is tipped to be the 'world's fatest airliner', reaching speeds of Mach 1.7 (about 1,300mph). This is double the speed of current commercial jets and, could slash the current journey time between Miami and London from nine hours to just five. Here's a look at the key features we expect to see in Boom Supersonic Overture jet, ahead of its launch debut with American Airlines in 2025.

An analysis of bumblebee wings from a network of UK museums by Imperial College London researchers shows signs of stress linked to increasingly hotter and wetter conditions.

Apple is aiming to hold its next launch event on September 7 to unveil the iPhone 14 line - as well as low-end and high-end iPads and three new Apple Watch models.

A study has revealed that our love for chillies has to do with more than just culture or taste buds. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh say that our genes play a significant role too.

William Shatner roasted Elon Musk during the 10-minute show, poking fun at the CEO's failures with Tesla, outbursts on Twitter, avoid taxes for three years and hinting that Musk might be a supervillain.

China's new 'sky train' LEVITATES on a magnetic track 33 feet in the air and can glide along silently at speeds of up to 50mph without electricity

China has unveiled its first suspended maglev line built with permanent magnets, which engineers claim can keep a 'sky train' afloat even without a power supply. The 2,600ft experimental track, known as the Red Rail, is located in Xingguo county, Jiangxi province, in southern China. It uses powerful magnets to produce a constantly repelling force strong enough to lift a train with 88 passengers into the air

Iowa State University researchers found alfalfa grows well in a volcanic soil that mimics Martian regolith, and could be turned into fertiliser to help grow turnips, radishes and lettuce.

Moment colossal waterspout is spotted off Florida's Panhandle as terrified locals watch it home in on their beach town

Residents of the beach town spotted the gigantic funnel during their morning commute Tuesday. The waterspout was swirling in the Gulf of Mexico with flashes of lightning cracking through the sky. This waterspout is the fifth reported in Florida's Panhandle area this summer, but data is lacking on these weather phenomena and experts are not sure how often the typically occur.

Researchers from University of California, Riverside have warned that movement of Earth's continents could wipe out marine life in the deepest parts of the oceans by starving them of oxygen.

An international team of researchers from China, USA, UK and Switzerland have discovered that humans are not related to a 535 million-year-old microscopic creature with no anus.

EXCLUSIVE Following calls from MPs for mandatory disclaimers on digitally altered photos, MailOnline enlisted the help of Stephen Davies, a professional photographer and image retoucher from South Wales, who has edited a series of red carpet photos of celebrities to show just how realistic the changes can look.

Animal psychologists at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna have found that dogs cannot remember instances of generosity and thus conceptualise positive reputations.

Colossal Biosciences, a startup based in Dallas, Texas, has announced plans to start the 'de-extinction' of the Tasmanian Tiger using stem cell technology.

Honeybees struggle to orient themselves while flying after they have ingested pesticides due to damage of their nervous system, researchers from the University of Oxford have found.

Acoustic and visual surveys by by Zoological Society London have revealed that 'significant numbers' have been living in the outer Thames, where the river meets the sea, for several years.

OK Google, get me a Coke: Tech giant shows off artificially intelligent robot waiter that can fetch drinks and clean surfaces in response to verbal commands

A robot, created by Google's parent company Alphabet, has demonstrated its cleaning and drink fetching skills in response to indirect instructions. The mechanical waiter was created by Alphabet, the parent company of Google, that is developing robots that can perform a range of tasks. Google has recently installed advanced language skills into the fleet, known as 'Everyday Robots', so they are better able to understand natural verbal cues. Most robots are only able to interpret simple, to-the-point commands, like 'bring me a glass of water', however these are able to respond to more vague requests. In Google's example, an Everyday Robot prototype is asked 'I spilled my drink, can you help?', which it filters through its internal list of possible actions. The bot finally interprets the question as 'fetch me the sponge from the kitchen' - a response that was not directly asked for, but is useful to the situation.

The White House announced water cuts on Tuesday for Arizona and Nevada in a bid to conserve water in Lake Mead and Powell that are being drained by the Colorado River.

Elon Musk shared new details about Tesla 's Optimus humanoid robot - including information about the cost and likely uses for it - in an essay published online.

The Russian space agency unveiled a physical model of what its planned space station will look like once the country abandons the International Space Station (ISS) and goes its own way.

Sunspot AR3078 shot out two ejections of particles, energy and light this week, but the second gobbled up the first. This has created a 'mish mash of the two' that will likely cause strong geometric storms.

You can't be ssssss-erious! Inventor develops a bizarre four-legged robot that allows snakes to 'walk' 

Allen Pan, a Los Angeles-based engineer and YouTuber, created the device out of a long tube and four plastic legs connected to a controller board. Footage shows a snake poking its head out the end of the device as it's serenely transported around the room. Pan, who posted a video blog of his project to YouTube, said he wanted to 'give snakes back their legs'. Around 150 million years ago, snakes had visible legs, but they evolved to lose them, thought to be due to a genetic mutation.

Children who can name more more objects before they start school go on to perform better in class, setting them up for future success in education, a US study of 900 youngsters suggests.

Another two Oatly oat milk products have been recalled due to potential microbial contamination. The standard oat milk and chocolate oat milk Oatly products now join the recall.

Construction of the new Category C facility, based in Full Sutton in East Yorkshire, will begin this autumn at a cost of £400 million. It will be designed 'from top-to-bottom with the latest smart technology to cut crime and protect the public'. The new facility will give offenders access to laptops and tablets in their cells - but in response to potential concerns the public may have with regard to prisoners accessing devices, a spokesperson for HM Prison Service said: 'All in-cell technology is fitted out with tough security measures and cannot be used to browse the internet'.

An international team of scientists led by the University of Lisbon have invented a new plasma-based technique to produce and separate oxygen within the Martian environment.

Decarbonisation scenarios produced by BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Equinor are incompatible with Paris Agreement goals for 'a safe and habitable planet', say experts.

Despite being the 'honeymoon period' for sex during pregnancy, 40 per cent of the second trimester shows declines in sexual activity, say Indiana University experts.

Researchers from the University of Lethbridge have revealed how the monkeys - both male and female - frequently use stone tools as sex toys to pleasure themselves.

The smart headlights that could make night-driving MUCH easier: Ford is testing technology that projects directions, speed limits and weather information onto the ROAD in front of you 

The Michigan-based car giant is testing smart headlights that project directions, speed limits, and weather information onto the road in front of you. For example, if the road ahead was icy, the car would project a snowflake icon on the road, while if the speed limit changed, the new limit would be shone on the ground.

Researchers from the universities of Kent and Leeds dubbed young people born between 1995 and 2012 'generation sensible' for switching up binging for more productive pastimes.

An Australian Paralympic swimmer has been fitted with a new bionic hand that is gentle enough to pick up an egg, and can be updated remotely anywhere in the world.

Lead author Professor Lili Xia, of Rutgers University in New Jersey, said: 'The data tell us one thing. We must prevent a nuclear war from ever happening.'

Ahead of the launch of Artemis I, the US space agency has revealed a list of items it is sending on the SLS rocket on its journey to the Earth's only natural satellite.

Meet CyberOne: Xiaomi unveils a $104,000 humanoid ROBOT that walks just like a person and can recognise 45 different emotions - weeks before the highly-anticipated launch of Tesla's Optimus bot

Xiaomi revealed its first humanoid robot at an event in Beijing. CyberOne has arms and legs that allow it to walk just like a real human, while the android is fitted with AI technology that allows it to detect 45 human emotions. Its unveiling comes just one month before the highly anticipated launch of Optimus, Tesla's humanoid robot.

The international naming competition, hosted by the International Astronomical Union, is being held to mark the 10th anniversary of its Office for Astronomy Outreach.

A report from The Law Society claims that lawyers with brain implants could reduce the number of employees necessary for a complex case, and reduce the the legal fees of corporate clients.

The species probably would have been able to eat tough, woody vegetation, according to palaeontologists at the Félix de Azara Natural History Foundation in Argentina.

A new report by Bloomberg claims that Apple is testing ads in several of its pre-installed apps including Maps, Books, and Podcasts, as well as on Apple TV+.

What's causing Europe's extreme summer? As England officaly declares drought, rivers run dry in Germany and 'monster' wildfires ravage France - SHIVALI BEST on how the answer could lie far away over the Atlantic

Europe could be on course for its worst drought in 500 years, and according to scientists, weather conditions so far this year would have been 'virtually impossible' without climate change. But MailOnline's Shivali Best explains how the expansion of a high pressure system over the Atlantic called the Azores High is also to blame for the drought-like conditions over parts of western Europe.

Scientists have worked out how to convert kidneys to the universal O blood type, which can be used for any patient. This will allow more transplants to take place.

In the same way the US streaming giant once put the final nail in the coffin of Blockbuster, experts have warned that it too may follow suit unless it is able to reverse its post-pandemic fortunes.

As this year's line-up for Strictly Come Dancing is announced, MailOnline looks at the best dancers in the animal kingdom, including waggling bees, chimpanzee conga lines and leaping lemurs.

'Be careful' about wishing for rain! Flash FLOODS could occur if heavy downpours follow the UK heatwave, expert warns

Rob Thompson, from the University of Reading, posted an experiment about what could happen if heavy rain occurs after a heatwave. Very dry and hot periods can bake the soil hard. This means that if it rains, the water can't soak into the soil easily. Instead, most of it just runs straight off the surface, which can quickly turn into flash floods. 'If you're praying for rain, you should pray for two days of drizzle, as dreadful as that sounds,' Professor Thompson explained.

Photographers snapped stunning shots of the lunar phenomenon from around the world including Edinburgh, Istanbul and San Francisco, Dubai, Frankfurt and more.

The service - which sometimes shows up as a featured response to direct questions asked of the US search engine - has previously fallen foul of spreading false information.

Asteroid 2015 FF has a diameter of up to 92 feet - meaning it could be the average size of a blue whale (90 feet) or almost three times as long as a London bus.

A corneal implant created by scientists at Linkoping University using collagen from pig's skin has been developed as an alternative to donated human corneas, which aren't widely available.

Can YOU spot the Cartwheel Galaxy? NASA releases incredible video zooming through space to reveal James Webb's image of a galaxy and its central black hole 500 million light-years away from Earth 

The $10 billion (£7.4 billion) observatory's powerful infrared gaze produced a rare sight of the Cartwheel and two smaller companion galaxies against a backdrop of many other galaxies. Scientists say the detailed view will provide new details about star formation and the galaxy's central black hole. Its appearance, much like that of the wheel of a wagon, is the result of an intense event - a high-speed collision between a large spiral galaxy and a smaller galaxy not visible in this image or video.

Best Buys-The smartest way to shop online

Testosterone influences activity of oxytocin - the so-called 'cuddle' hormone associated with social bonding, say experts at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Consumers may soon be able to tell how their weekly food shop affects the planet thanks to new research by Oxford-led experts on the environmental impact of 57,000 products.

The Perseids meteor shower is expected to peak in the early hours of Saturday, and is caused by Earth slamming into the debris left behind by a comet.

Researchers have looked at the long-lasting effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico on the BP-operated Macondo Prospect.

Temperatures over 104F (40C) were observed in parts of Portugal, Spain, France and the UK, according to the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S).

Hackers have the capability to exploit a software flaw in the Emergency Alert System in order to issue fake warnings over radio and TV stations.

EXCLUSIVE: The new TRDR Pocket 'Series 2' from Go Games comes with one of three built-in AI 'personalities' - Scarlet, Tony and Julia - which users can chat to while they're playing.

The enormous Space Launch System (SLS) is scheduled to blast into space on August 29 as part of a six-week mission that will see it carry an uncrewed Orion spacecraft to lunar orbit and back.

A narrow current that goes around Antarctica causes warm water to melt ice shelves - floating platforms of ice around a landmass, say experts at Caltech and JPL, California.

Experts from the Archaeological Park of Pompeii have uncovered four new rooms in an ancient house where middle-class Romans lived before fleeing the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Netflix's games have only 1.7 million daily users - less than 1 per cent of its 221 million global subscribers, reveals Boston-based app tracker Apptopia.

Tesla's next Gigafactory might be built in Canada, if its new lobbying efforts and previous hints from CEO Elon Musk are correct.

Researchers from the University of Saint-Etienne discovered that a baby's source of distress can be determined from their cry, but it is a learned ability through childcare experience.

Happy landiversary to one of NASA's proudest accomplishments. On August 5, 2012 the Mars Curiosity Rover slowly eased its way onto the surface of Mars and began its journey.

Snapchat developed Family Centre as an additional way for parents and caregivers to keep their teens safe online.

More than 800 competitors are now leaving no stone unturned in Florida's Everglades as they compete in the state's annual python hunt that aims to control the large snake population.

Computer models can explain why we constantly crave more material things even when they don't make us feel more happy, say experts at Princeton University in New Jersey.

The hacker found a flaw in Twitter's software that let them phone numbers and emails associated with the millions of accounts. Twitter announced Friday that it has now patched the vulnerability.

Apple is rumoured to be delaying the launch of new iPad operating system by a month after setbacks with the 'Stage Manager' feature, that will allow users to easily flick between open apps.

Elon Musk unveiled a new teaser image of his company's Optimus humanoid robot that will be fully revealed at the end of next month.

Elon Musk is planning to build an airport for himself and top executives at his companies outside of Austin. Conceptual plans have been confirmed for the private airport, sources told Austonia .

In a new report, the Seattle tech giant has revealed it emitted 71.54 million metric tons of carbon-dioxide equivalent last year.

Researchers from Dalhousie University in Canada recorded 114 incidents in 23 countries from April 2020 to December 2021, with a significant majority of encounters involving birds.

The smart necklace includes a sensor that sits on the back of the neck to capture glucose and serotonin levels of the wearer.

Considered 'lost' until recently, the prototype was hand-soldered by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in 1976, the year the company was established in Los Altos, California.

The self-driving Apollo RT6 has a detachable steering wheel to allow passengers more space. Chinese tech company Baidu claims its driving capability is the equivalent of a driver with 20 years experience.

Scientists have observed a new hydrothermal field 8,366 feet beneath the Pacific Ocean that could help them better understand how volcanic activity has impacted life in Earth's oceans.

SpaceX is due to break its own record for the most rocket launches in a calendar year on Thursday with its 32nd launch. A Falcon 9 will send another batch of Starlink satellites into low Earth orbit.

Freezing point in the Swiss Alps has climbed to a new high and broken a 27-year-old record, meteorologists have revealed, as record heatwaves continue to rage across Europe.

Researchers from Reichman University have revealed how online flirtations can make your current partner less appealing in the real world.

Astronomer Scott Sheppard, from the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington DC, says the discoveries of near-Earth objects (NEOs) are only just beginning.

In a milestone moment for South Korea, the Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter lifted off from Florida's Cape Canaveral US Space Force Station at 19:08 ET on Thursday (00:08 BST on Friday).

Nathan Foy runs South Carolina-headquartered Fortis, which transports ultra-high-net-worth individuals in some of the world's most dangerous places. And to football matches...

The Hoopsy test is designed to be cut in half after its used, with the part that the user wees on thrown in the bin while the rest can go into paper recycling.

Philadelphia-based leaker Evan Blass has posted a Samsung promo image, which shows a blurred outline of a new foldable phone and the text 'Aug 10.2022'.

The additional charge to share your account will initially be tested in five Latin America countries before Netflix decides whether to trial the feature in further countries.

Dr Tracy Fanara, a research scientist and environmental engineer told that not only is climate change a factor, but so is La Ni√Īa contributing to this year's shark migration.

A 48-year-old patient in New York City who is unable to move and speak due to ALS received a permanent brain implant that could allow him to communicate telepathically.

Qualcomm's chips are designed to efficiently transfer heat and included a mode that only activates features being used. This allows others to lay dormant and reserve battery life.