A number of key details leaked about the next Tomb Raider game last weekend, something about which fans currently know very little. Clearly, Crystal Dynamics wants it to stay that way. The studio has since issued a DMCA notice demanding the source of those leaks take down the show on which they were revealed.

Sacred Symbols discussed the leaked Tomb Raider details on Patreon. However, the show's hosts have since revealed (via Eurogamer) that Patreon was issued a DMCA takedown notice by Crystal Dynamics on the show's behalf. That means if you haven't already heard the show, you have now missed your opportunity. However, Sacred Symbols' Colin Moriarty is unsure why there's an issue.


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“I was acting on the notion that this is fair use, this is general interest, this is of huge general interest,” Moriarty said, assuring viewers he didn't break into Crystal Dynamics and steal it. The only issue here for Crystal Dynamics is by demanding the show discussing the info be taken down, it has effectively confirmed it to be accurate. Issuing a DMCA likely means there won't be any new leaks, at least not from the same source, though.

As for what exactly was discussed about the new game, the information came from a leaked audition script for the project. It discusses Lara Croft leading a group of young raiders who have been inspired by her previous exploits. Those who have kept up with the series will know Croft has been dealing with family issues as of late, and it sounds like she will be leaving that in the past and effectively replacing her own flesh and blood with a willing group of proteges.

Project Jawbreaker, as it has apparently been codenamed by Crystal Dynamics, will be the first Tomb Raider game for at least five years by the time it launches. It will also be the first game in the series since Square Enix sold off some of its studios, one of which was Crystal Dynamics, to Embracer. Needless to say, there's already a lot of pressure on the next Tomb Raider game to be a good one.

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