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The 3 leading mercantilism countries in the geographic region by volume are Republic of Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea capital of Guinea-Bissau, and the Federal Republic of Nigeria. alternative necessary mercantilism countries are Benin Republic, Ghana, country, and the Republic of Senegal. consistent with a report discharged by RONGEAD for the continent Cashew Initiative (ICA), geographical area accounted for forty-fifths of total world production of raw cashew crackers in 2015 calculable at one,500,000 MT. And with this push for improved seedlings, higher pre-harvest, and post-harvest practices, this is often projected to extend to two,500,000 MT by 2025. The importance of this crop as a supply of interchange can’t be overemphasized. consistent with the National Cashew Association of Federal Republic of Nigeria (NCAN), Federal Republic of Nigeria attained $402 million from the export of raw cashew in 2017 by mercantilism 220,000 MT; up from the hundred seventy-five,000 MT exported in 2016 and projected the tenth increase in 2018. The raw cashew season in the geographical area starts in February/March and ends in July/August. The Nigerian season that starts in February/ March flags off the RCN season in the geographical area.

We efficiently manage every stage of Cashew Nut from Farm to factory;

  • Allied Channel offices/partner in the city
  • A Team of extremely trained Quality Inspectors
  • Quality review toolkit and scientific equipment
  • Drying Yards and Warehouses
  • Packing, Stuffing and Loading team
  • Transporters, Transistors and Best Shipping Lines
  • Local Clearing agents in India
  • Forwarding, deposit and Storage Facilities

The Process

The process of cashews involves a singular combination of ancient and progressive technology to induce most output with the highest quality normal. We choose and method the best quality of selected Raw cashew crackers out there throughout gather season. The Hand Picked Raw cashews are Sun Dried to cut back wet that helps in conserving and storing of Raw Cashew Nut for the whole year. Immature and Oily crackers are separated throughout the sun drying method that ensures storage of solely Quality Raw Cashew Nuts.

Our Raw Cashew nuts are appreciated by customers India wide for their consistent quality. we have a tendency to undertake detail method at each stage from Farm to mill. Hand Picked naturally fallen raw cashews with 15-20% wet are collected by the farmers.


Our enthusiastic team of extremely trained inspectors on website diligently check at random selected raw cashew nuts so as to see nut count and product.


Raw cashews are sun-dried for 1-2 days till wet level comes right down to 6-8%.

Packing & Storage

Dried cashew nuts are packed in plain-woven bagging sacks and hold on in well-vented rooms with giving enough space between stacks for air circulation.

Loading & Stuffing

Completely inspected dry containers are loaded and full of approx. eighty-kilogram sacking luggage containing dried raw cashew nuts. In line cardboards and wet baggage are adequately placed to preserve and maintain the quality of raw cashew nuts. Once loaded the same containers are fumigated, sealed and weighted at Weigh Bridge.

Shipping and Documentation

Our expertise financial organization agents incontinent at loading port handles loading of products with the simplest and quickest shipping line for timely delivery at the best competitive rates.

Payment and Documentation

Our honored customers create payment as per united terms and conditions and takes over the possession of products.

Clearing and Forwarding

Indian Custom House Agents takes care of all procedures for clearing of products at in time. Our CHA at JNPT Port, New Mangalore Port, Visaz port manages clearance and forwarding of products to the destined factories.

Quality Assurance

Looking on terms and conditions for quality of raw cashew nuts third-party inspectors from SGS company and RBS agency withdrew random samples and send quality and weight certificates as per necessities.



Child labor has been a global concern as a result of its damages, spoils and destroys the future of kids. the matter of kid labor isn’t simply a matter of concern in India however additionally in alternative developing countries. it’s an epidemic and a social evil. kids are the hope and way forward for a nation. Yet, there are a lot of the underprivileged in our country WHO haven’t identified a standard, carefree childhood.